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Standard highway bridge erecting machine

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Bridge erecting machine

This product can be customized according to specific working conditions!

Product introduction

The bridge erecting machine is a special equipment for concrete bridge erection. It is suitable for erecting T-shaped highway beams of various spans, as well as various box and plate beams. It can meet the requirements of 4% longitudinal slope and curved beams with a radius of more than 450m. The main structure of the bridge erecting machine is a multi section truss connection beam, which is easy to disassemble and assemble, facilitate the transfer of the construction site, enable the side beam to be moved horizontally in place at one time, and has a large wind resistance capacity. It saves the trouble of manually moving the beam at the pier and abutment, and ensures safe operation.

Product features

1. One time erection and positioning of side beam
2. Two way beam erection can be realized without turning around
3. Arbitrary interchangeable corrosion resistant main beam
4. Optional side beam function
5. High efficiency via without counterweight
6. 5 people can operate, saving a lot of labor costs and avoiding risks
7. Only high-end brands are used for all accessories to avoid faults
8. The electric control button can be used to adjust any angle to realize the inclined bridge inclined frame

Product application

Highway and railway bridge engineering, shipbuilding engineering, construction water conservancy engineering, concrete component prefabrication yard, wharf, freight yard

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