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This product can be customized according to specific working conditions!

Product introduction

The hoist is divided into hoist and JK, JM series hoist. Powered by motor, it drives the drum through elastic coupling, three-stage sealing plate gear reducer and jaw coupling, and adopts electric hydraulic drum brake. The winch is characterized by high universality, compact structure, small volume, light weight, heavy lifting and convenient use and transfer.

Product features

Compact mechanism, small size, light weight and heavy lifting;
Stable operation, accurate and reliable transmission, long service life;
When the frequency conversion speed regulation mode is adopted, the stepless speed regulation from zero to maximum speed can be realized, and 100% rated torque can be provided under low speed and locked rotor conditions, with stable speed regulation;
Simple operation, large rope capacity and convenient displacement;

Product application

Construction, water conservancy, forestry, mining, wharf

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