Foreign cases

Russian Far East Project, 35T-9M tire type gantry crane 观看

The airport line project in Jakarta, the capital of India, was disassembled by itself 观看

Malaysia super small turning radius bridge erecting machine 观看

Bahrain Desert, 100T-25M portal crane 观看

460T new construction basket in Gaogeli area, Myanmar 观看

Bangladesh capital Dhaka light rail project, 800T-45m segment assembly bridge erecting machine 观看

Bangladesh MRT project, 700T segmental assembly bridge erecting machine 观看

Singapore, new girder lifting machine 观看

200T-40m bridge erection gantry crane for Africa Cameroon Kobilia Port Dredging Expressway Project 观看

Maldives China Malaysia Friendship Bridge Project, 100T-30m bridge erecting machine 观看

Bridge erecting machine for Colombo Port City Viaduct Project in Sri Lanka 观看

Cambodia project, 70T-35M bridge erecting machine 观看

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