Corporate Culture

Mission: To manufacture safe road and bridge lifting equipment products and create an excellent road and bridge lifting equipment brand


Vision: to compete in the market with quality and technology, and to become a national excellent lifting equipment design manufacturer


Core values: dedication, trustworthiness, excellence and prosperity

Social responsibility funded school running


Social responsibility funded school running 观看

The company attaches great importance to the corresponding social responsibility, subsidizes the education fund of Dongguan Street Central Primary School every year, and jointly builds school enterprise cooperation

Social responsibility Common war epidemic


2020.1 Common Campaign of Social Responsibility 观看

In January 2020, when the epidemic just broke out, we suddenly faced the attack of "COVID-19" virus, and no one could stay out of it! In the face of the lack of anti epidemic materials in the whole society, our company, through the coordination of resources from all parties, purchased 18000 masks in Henan, arranged Henan employees to drive more than 1000 kilometers overnight for 13 hours without stopping, and sent them to the anti epidemic headquarters in Dongguan Street as fast as possible to donate to the street for anti epidemic!

2021.12 Common Campaign of Social Responsibility 观看

In December 2021, the epidemic will break out in Shangyu District, and all epidemic prevention materials will be in urgent need! Our company once again played its corporate social responsibility, and purchased a large number of epidemic prevention materials to donate to the front line through resource coordination!

The Belt and Road Initiative International after-sales


Costa Rica 观看

Under the situation that the epidemic situation abroad is still serious, Costa Rica's President Alvarado, Costa Rica's Second Vice President Rodriguez, and Minister of Public Works and Transport Montez inspected the expansion and reconstruction project of Costa Rica's No. 32 Highway. The project was built by CCCC Second Highway Engineering Co., Ltd., which is a key national policy project of China's "the Belt and Road"! In order to ensure the smooth progress of the project, the client entrusted our company to overhaul the bridge erecting machine and provide long-term equipment operation guidance services. After receiving the notice, our company actively responded to our core values, quickly organized after-sales personnel to prepare for epidemic prevention and set out resolutely. This is CSCEC's service, and this is CSCEC's quality.