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This product can be customized according to specific working conditions!

Product introduction

The bridge deck crane can be divided into variable amplitude gantry crane and fixed bridge deck crane. It is a special equipment for the erection of segmental steel box girder and concrete bridge. It is suitable for the cantilever construction of various steel box girder river crossing bridges, double tower double cable plane composite girder cable-stayed bridges, and also suitable for the erection of various segmental concrete beams. It can meet the requirements of 4% longitudinal slope and curved beams with a radius of more than 300m. The main structure of the bridge deck crane is a rhombic truss structure, which is easy to disassemble and assemble, convenient for the transfer of the construction site, strong wind resistance, and safe operation.

Product features

1. Hydraulic walking;
2. Mature and reliable technology, simple and convenient operation;
3. Simple structure, light weight and low cost;
4. The crane has hydraulic leveling function, which is convenient for accurate alignment during installation;
5. After simple adjustment, the spreader can lift segmental beams of different lengths;
6. The lifting point can be moved laterally and longitudinally by hydraulic pressure to facilitate accurate alignment during installation;
7. The boom has a luffing mechanism, which is convenient for lifting the beam;
8. Hydraulic front support adjustment device;
9. Rear anchoring screw manual adjusting device;
10. The hoisting mechanism adopts wire rope winch or hydraulic continuous jack steel strand

Product application

Bridge works

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