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This product can be customized according to specific working conditions!

Product introduction

The construction hanging basket is divided into staggered construction hanging basket and multi-functional construction hanging basket, mainly including triangular hanging basket and rhombic hanging basket, which are special equipment for cast-in-situ construction of box bridges and cable-stayed bridges constructed by post tensioning cantilever method. The construction hanging basket has the characteristics of multi-function, light weight, easy installation and operation suspension system, easy disassembly and assembly, convenient transfer of the construction site, strong wind resistance, and safe operation.

Product features

1. Hydraulic walking;
2. Bearing the dead weight and construction load of the beam segment;
3. High rigidity and small deformation;
4. Light structure, easy to move forward;
5. Large scope of use, the bottom formwork is easy to lift and adapt to different beam heights;

Product application

Bridge works

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