Specific Application of Different Types of Bridge Erectors

The types of hoisting machinery in China are in different changes, mainly because the improvement of our economic level has promoted the improvement of people's quality of life. In order to provide people with a more convenient transportation, China has invested a lot of manpower and material resources in the construction of roads, railways, bridges and other transportation facilities.
Bridge erecting machine, gantry crane and portal crane belong to different categories of lifting machinery and equipment, and their main applications are very different. For example, portal crane is mainly used for cargo handling operations in various ports, wharves and other aspects.
Due to the rapid development of bridge erecting machines, there are many kinds of bridge erecting machines in China, and the main applications of different types of bridge erecting machines are different. SH40/140 double guide beam walking bridge erecting machine is a new type of bridge erecting machine. It mainly adopts triangular truss structure with light weight. It is safe and reliable to set guide beam through holes at the front end of the main beam. It uses column walking guide beam to run longitudinally without laying tracks, and the bridge deck load is reasonable. It uses fulcrum movable support to adapt to the installation of bridges with different spans. It uses laying full section transverse track to achieve beam erection in place at one time, with a high degree of automation. Secondly, Hitachi E-64HR programmable controller is adopted for this type of bridge erecting machine, which has high automation degree, high control flexibility, and increased operation safety performance. Assembly type bridge erecting machine is easy to disassemble and transport, convenient to transfer the construction site, and has good economy. Therefore, this type of bridge erecting machine can be widely used in the specific construction of mobile operation projects, especially suitable for the construction of water bridges, high piers, and wide deck hanging beams.