Lubrication requirements for various hoisting machinery and equipment

Hoisting machinery mainly includes bridge erecting machine, gantry crane, gantry crane and other types of performance, and there are more large-scale equipment in these hoisting machinery, so the relationship between various components is also increasing. We must ensure that the connection between the various parts of the hoisting machinery is very good, that is, no oil-free phenomenon can occur. The lubrication management of hoisting machinery and equipment can greatly improve the production efficiency of cranes and the product quality of hoisting machinery.
A good management of the gantry crane can give full play to the efficiency of the gantry crane, improve its productivity, ensure the product quality in the production process, and reduce costs and energy consumption, which has immeasurable economic significance. The lubrication of gantry crane is an important part of the maintenance and use of lifting equipment.
Through years of research by experts, it is found that only the correct selection and configuration of various lubricants and timely and effective lubrication of the joints of various parts of the gantry crane can greatly reduce the wear and tear of the crane, extend its service life, improve the mechanical efficiency, reduce the consumption of kinetic energy, and play a role in opening up resources and reducing consumption.