Main Application of High speed Railway Bridge Erector

The process of urbanization in China has been accelerating, and more and more infrastructure has been put into construction, such as the erection of various roads and railways. Because of the large and difficult nature of the project, we generally use the crane in the form of bridge erecting machine in the process of highway construction, so as to ensure the safety and reliability of the construction project.
The hoisting machinery of our country was widely used in the 20th century, and one of the expressway bridge erecting machines has been widely used in recent years, which is mainly used in the erection of 20 m, 24 m and 32 m double track full hole prestressed box girder of the passenger dedicated railway line with the speed of 200-35 km/h. This kind of bridge erecting machine is different from gantry crane and other forms of lifting machinery. It is mainly used in the construction of high-speed railway and plays a very important role in its erection operation.