The bridge deck crane can be divided into variable amplitude gantry crane and fixed bridge deck crane. It is a special equipment for the erection of segmental steel box girder and concrete bridge. It is suitable for the cantilever construction of various steel box girder river crossing bridges, double tower double cable plane composite girder cable-stayed bridges, and also suitable for the erection of various segmental concrete beams. It can meet the requirements of 4% longitudinal slope and curved beams with a radius of more than 300m. The main structure of the bridge deck crane is a rhombic truss structure, which is easy to disassemble and assemble, convenient for the transfer of the construction site, strong wind resistance, and safe operation.

The bridge crane is divided into single girder bridge crane and double girder bridge crane. It is a special equipment for steel structure workshop and warehouse. It has the advantages of advanced structure, reasonable mechanical performance, portability, large stiffness, simple operation, convenient use, safety and reliability, and convenient disassembly

The hoist is divided into hoist and JK, JM series hoist. Powered by motor, it drives the drum through elastic coupling, three-stage sealing plate gear reducer and jaw coupling, and adopts electric hydraulic drum brake. The winch is characterized by high universality, compact structure, small volume, light weight, heavy lifting and convenient use and transfer.

The construction hanging basket is divided into staggered construction hanging basket and multi-functional construction hanging basket, mainly including triangular hanging basket and rhombic hanging basket, which are special equipment for cast-in-situ construction of box bridges and cable-stayed bridges constructed by post tensioning cantilever method. The construction hanging basket has the characteristics of multi-function, light weight, easy installation and operation suspension system, easy disassembly and assembly, convenient transfer of the construction site, strong wind resistance, and safe operation.

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